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Make Money with Google Adsense 2015: Changes you need to know

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online, with the program of the world's largest monetization, where thousands of people search for their source of income to live on.

In 2015, there have been some changes in it (particularly in terms of payments) you should know to keep up and give you the next. Come and meet them!

Payments more flexible configuration

It has a longer period, leaving modify your payment information by the 20th of each month.
You can withhold payment on a date specified by us.
You can choose a higher limit payment default according to the reporting currency.

Pages payment and payment settings redesigned

In the toolbar, you can now filter, export, print or download transaction information.
Current balance is now called the outstanding final payment income.
It is called Transaction History to the above-named payment summary. This payment is called what used to be called payment method.
The latest activities at the beginning of the transaction history table shown.
For centralized configuration management payment locations.

Changes in the terms and conditions

The account administrator must accept the updated conditions to enter it and continue the use of Adsense.
Terms facts clearly and precisely that help to better transparency.
Easy to move along and find what they seek.
They will expand more specifically to future terms and conditions for the use of mobile devices form.
Guidelines for the use AdMob SDK and other products that are for editing are also incorporated.

On this last point, we must clarify that the ad banners belonging to Google AdMob use a small part of the screen to induce users to click and be directed to a full screen of good multimedia experience, similar to a page App Store or a website.

To conclude, we can say that all these developments previously described relate to the main areas in which there were changes, so it does not mean that we are to make further changes in the future, and other minor details that may have changed in the last time. We, therefore, recommend checking the conditions in its entirety before accepting.

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